Custom hand engraving on everything from metal, wood & stone to glass & leather

Custom hand engraving is a practice that dates all the way back to prehistoric eras. As near as archaeologists and researchers can surmise, it all began in the stone walls within and around the stone structures that ancient man used as homes. Early on, it began as a stone on stone technique. Later on, engravers begin to use other tools and other surfaces for their artistic carvings. Through the process of artistic evolution, the craft eventually led to the concept of sculpting.

Today, wood burning and wood engraving is enjoying a comeback in popularity, largely due to the fact that many department stores and hardware stores carrying the tools needed to practice this pastime. One has to wonder, though, if this should actually be considered a pastime, a mere hobby, or an actual form of art.

Glass etching

Before going too deeply into this subject, we feel that it is vital that we inform you that dealing with chemicals, particularly that of acid can be highly dangerous. Always make sure to wear the proper protective clothing and take the required precautions. An injured artist cannot produce the next glass Mona Lisa.

Metal art, furniture & design

Are you tired of your everyday average home with the boring run of the mill white picket fence and off-white bland walls, just like everyone else has? With a little creativity and a minimal amount of inside knowledge, your home can be an exciting artistic masterpiece in a matter of days. All it takes is a little decorative inspiration and a few pieces of custom metal art.

Engraved guns, swords & knives

When reading the above title, most would instantly reply with the word, “hobby.” However, this viewpoint does not span the entire community. There are actually a large number of individuals that consider custom pistol engraving to be a very valid form of modern art. Most of these connoisseurs of fine custom engraved weapons can all be traced back to one organization. This is called the FEGA. This stands for The Firearms Engraving Guild of America.

There are a number of occasions where an engraved knife would be the perfect gift, but the best part is that you can be certain that your gift will be original. Yours will be the gift that stands out amongst all the rest and that will be seen and appreciated for years to come.

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Custom engraving on personalized gifts

The most used form of engraving is that of personalizing gifts. This can be done on wood, glass, metal, or even leather. For example, say you have a Christian friend who has a birthday coming up. You can save a lot of money by not going out and buying an expensive gift, but buying something affordable and engraving it. A glass goblet would be an exceptional gift in this particular case. One could actually engrave a cross into the glass of the goblet, making the gift completely original. The recipient would love it. All sorts of gifts can be personalized in this manner.


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